How To Get Customers
From Facebook and Google

Funnel Prospects from Social Media

This setup is normally called a ‘marketing sales funnel‘ since it ‘funnels’ users off social media and gets them to call your business, fill out a form, or whatever action you want them to take.

I call it a ‘lead-conversion funnel‘ because it’s a system that converts visitors into ‘leads’ which then become customers.

It’s not just a website, it’s more like an online sales system that works 24 hours a day to bring you new customers.

The whole ‘system’ is just a few web pages. It can be part of your website or separate from it, whichever you prefer.

Here’s how it works…

1. The “Bait” page (We’ll come back to this in a sec)

2. The “Bond” page – This is the page incoming visitors land on (for that reason, we call it a “landing page”). This page is designed exclusively to make a casual browser feel at home with the business and make them feel like this business is on top of things.
Here’s an example “Bond” page for a Chiropractor

The Psychology of the Bond page:

  • They see a professional brand, attention to detail
  • They meet the “star”
  • They meet the supporting cast
  • They can get to know you and your business
  • The goal is to build trust and familiarity

3. The “Closer” page
This page is designed to squash any final internal objections and show a potential client exactly what happens when they take the next step.
Here’s an example “Closer” page for a Chiropractor

The Psychology of the Closer page:

  • If they make it here, we know they are a lot warmer than the average visitor
  • We future pace them and show them what they are about to go through to become a client.
  • We crush objections
  • We remove distractions (Top menu goes away)
  • The page is all about moving them to calling or coming in

Ok, now for the “Bait” page…

Since Facebook is interest based, it’s not that hard to create content that lures in your perfect prospects. The “secret” is to write an article with helpful information about the services you provide. Maybe tips on what to watch out for, or even how they can do-it-themselves.

bait page

When you post helpful articles about the services you do, it positions you as an expert authority on the topic and someone they should listen to. And since people prefer to do business with companies they know, like and trust, you become the one they want to call.

The “Bait” page is designed to position the business owner as an expert in their field as well as act as a traffic driver via social media and/or the search engines.

The Psychology of the Bait page

  • This is all about traffic and expert branding.
  • This is the monthly excuse to share “why this biz rocks”
  • This showcases the owner/star’s expertise and filters people into to the “close” page.
  • This gives offices something to share 1-2x a month on their social media page.
  • These work as great ad content.
  • This is great for social media traffic and SEO (as long as the topic is on point and the writing is good).

I custom design these lead-conversion funnels for each business to match their branding, their main marketing message and what they offer.

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