Facebook Loves Local

Use FB Check-ins, Place Tips and Contests To get more new customers every week

Facebook helps promote local businesses to help users find what they like and need

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Every Facebook Check-In is seen by over 200 of their friends

It's literally like running a big free advertisement on your customers' Fb newsfeed where they recommend your business to hundreds of their friends!

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Facebook Check-in postings include all the information about the business including a map!

Imagine if all your customers were checking in.... It's easy with the least bit of incentive

You can get customers to Check-In in exchange for a (tiny!) discount or contest entry

Facebook sends Notifications to mobile users near a business location

Imagine a potential customer walks past your business, only
to get a pop up message on their phone, compelling them to
come in for an exclusive offer!

That definitely get’s their attention.

How many people walk past your store every day?

In your town, 1 in 3 people use Facebook on their mobile device.

If you’re listed on Facebook’s new local directory, a notice
can be sent the moment they are near your store.

Plus, being listed gives your existing customers the chance to rate, like, and share your Facebook page with their friends and

This means even more fresh leads and customers coming to your store!

Bottom line, Facebook’s local listing service will generate a
windfall of customers and profits for your company; however,
you need have your page configured to trigger these alerts.

I went over your page and see you’re only missing a few
things that will get you listed and receiving the benefits of a
Facebook local listing.

We can get started capturing these consumer leads for you…

As you may know, Facebook is a vital source of leads for
almost every major local retail business.

This is because more than half of the population of the
United States uses Facebook to share content, recommend businesses, and find the things that they need.

Do you want to tap into this major source of consumer
buyers in your local area?

Right now, your customers are seeking the products and
services offered by your business; you only need to be listed
in Facebook’s local directory and have a solid Facebook
presence to see these benefits.

We can roll out a fast, quality Facebook Local presence for your business. It will extend your local reach, and stop your
competitors from stealing your customers.

If you want to steal these social media customers back from
your competition, contact us now and we’ll show you our Facebook Strategy and  how you can get up and running fast.

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