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Check-In + Fb Local services :

More and more people are using Facebook to find the things they want, and to find leisure activities.

They search areas for things like restaurants, coffee shops, clothing, and other retail; plus entertainment venues like nightclubs, bars, parties and speak-easies.

Facebook is fast becoming one of the top ways to find local businesses for users.

Facebook has been offering Nearby Places in their app for some time, but today, there are still 7 out of 10 businesses owners who are not using it.

This service is a directory of places in a specific area like a town or a city.

Listings in this directory show up when a Facebook user uses the FB application to search nearby for businesses.

Fb Retargeting Campaigns: The best bang for the buck you can get with fb ads.

Automated Bots: Bots can help perform simple tasks to help website visitors in real time. Bots can act as your online hostess taking food orders or setting appointments.