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Get new customers Using Facebook


Fb Places Services

Take advantage of the powerful features FB has for local businesses that most people don’t even know about! Our Fb Places pack combines multiple services all-in-one.


Fb Messenger/Chatbots

Messenger marketing makes it much easier to connect with prospects. Chatbots assist online visitors and perform tasks like taking orders or making appointments.


Fb Retargeting

Keep track of everyone who has visited your website or has engaged with your business page on Fb. Then Market to them specifically with offers they are sure to love!

Get new customers Using Google

Google My Business

Get your business listing ranked at the top of the Google Search 3-Pack and enjoy the greatest visibility. Most people search from their phones, so you’ll be sure to get all the calls!


Google Ads/Remarketing

Make your ads appear wherever your best prospects are on the internet. Google ads and remarketing keeps your business listing in front of your prospects.



Youtube is the #2 search engine in the world since it’s part of Google. You can use Google ads inside of Youtube to target new customers plus you can rank on page one for search.  

Full Service Digital Marketing

Web Design & Development

Get the sharpest , most modern sites you can get! My team and I create websites that are specially designed to get visitors to call you or schedule an appointment…

DFY Facebook Retargeting Ads

If you’re not using FB Retargeting Ads,  you’re passing on one of the most effective and low-cost channel you can use to get new customers. Click the button to find out more…

Online Review Management

Bad reviews happen (usually unfairly!), but without a response, people can only see the bad stuff, and not YOUR side of the story. And even though you went above and beyond…

Google My Business & SEO

Google automatically creates a listing for your business and uses third party data for the details. Most businesses aren’t aware of these listings and they go UNVERIFIED… 

Google Ads

If you use Google Ads and you’re not getting the ROI you want, Google is constantly adding amazing options for local business ads. Let us show you the possibilities…

Video Marketing

Short 5-second to 30-second videos are a great way to get new customers. Fast and effective at bringing past customers back and building your brand. …



My name is Jonathan M Brickley, founder of Lighthouse Digital Services. We provide the most current and effective digital marketing systems to help businesses grow their audience and get more customers.

We do it using Google and Facebook since that’s where people mostly go online. Facebook is interest-based and Google is for search. So if they need a plumber, they won’t go to Facebook, they’ll go search on Google for a plumber. Google will show them the local results and then they can start calling plumbers.

But Facebook is interest-based and people scroll until they find something interesting to look at… so if you can make your page posts more engaging, people will like it. I’m sure you’ve seen when local businesses get tons of engagement by posting funny pics of people who work there and that type of thing…

And the great thing about Facebook is that by posting and growing your audience, you’re building your brand and your brand recognition locally.

That’s huge!

And when you combine that with simple ad retargeting campaigns (our specialty), we can help you build up a local online audience and grow the customer base for your business quickly.

Most businesses can profit from growing their audience on Facebook, but for some businesses it makes more sense to focus on Google search. People go right to Google to look for things like restaurants and emergency services like locksmiths or plumbers, so being ranked high in Google local listings can get those businesses a lot more calls. Plus Google has their own retargeting ad program that is arguably a lot more effective than Facebook.

Google and Facebook both offer amazing local marketing features that most people don’t know about! Google and Facebook are the marketing leaders of the world so it makes sense to take full advantage of the local marketing features they have setup to help local businesses.

Facebook and Google are both very local business friendly and they have lots of features that cater to local businesses and local markets. They want you to stake your claim on their platforms so they have more accurate information to serve their users. In turn, it’s very effective in helping local businesses grow their audience and customer base.

We help businesses connect and take advantage of all the amazing abilities we now have to instantly connect with local consumers. In fact, we love it!

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